Company profile

The fund was founded by senior financialpersonages, and the team members graduated from Tsinghua University, Fudan University,Central University of Finance and Economics and overseas universities. Most ofthem are doctors and masters, and certified public accountants. Currently morethan ten private equity investment funds are managed. We always adhere to theinvestment concept of "value investment as the core, risk control as thecornerstone and trend grasp as the key", and maintain close cooperationwith many investment institutions and angel investors at home and abroad. Wealso own high-quality projects from abundant sources.

Investment concept

Our company is committed to helping enterprisessolve the problems in the process of financial operation, capital operation andenterprise growth, and provide customers with comprehensive financial servicesand professional support. We focus on scientific and technological innovationprojects in strategic emerging industries, grasp the most cutting-edgetechnological development trends, do not blindly chase potential chances,attach importance to the real scientific and technological content andcommercial value of the project, and search for undervalued and high-growthinvestment opportunities.

Management concept

Our company divides the main risksin operation and management into four categories: investment risk, compliancerisk, operation risk and moral risk, among which investment risk mainlyincludes market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and so on. In view of theabove risks, Our company has established a complete risk management system.

Investment cooperation

We pay attention to the selection of excellententrepreneurial team, attach importance to the entrepreneurial team's values,technological innovation ability, learning ability, strategy and organizationalleadership, and we own good corporate governance structure.

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