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Become an influential Internet investment institution and be the preferred capital partner for entrepreneurs and excellent enterprises.
Gather social capital cooperation, help build a network power, serve economic development, and create value with excellent Internet enterprises.
Kan Zhidong  
Chairman/ spiritual leader,Fortune Link

He is the current president of Fortune Link Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., the current chairman of Hebei Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., the current chairman and president of Shanghai Orica Vigor Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and the current president of Anhui Hi Tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and works in Shanghai Dechuang Investment Management Co., Ltd..

Mr. Kan Zhidong is a pioneer in China's securities market and China's venture capital industry. Before 1990, Mr. Kan Zhidong's

securities business department of ICBC Shanghai Trust and Investment Company set many precedents in China's securities market.

He took over as the vice chairman and president of Shenyin Securities in 1990 and led the merger with Wanguo Securities in

1996. After the merger, the business of Shenyin Wanguo Securities Company ranks among the best in

the same industry in our country. Mr. Kan Zhidong's investment team has created many legends in

the field of China's securities and finance, including the first A-share offering, the first B-share offering,

the first securities business department, the first stock index, the first securities research institute, the first

underwriting of financial bonds in Shanghai, and so on. In 1999, Mr. Kan Zhidong prepared to establish

Shenzhen Capital Group Co.,Ltd., and has been acting as president. After many years of unremitting

efforts of the * team, Shenzhen Capital Group Co.,Ltd. has become the largest "official Venture

Capital" in China. In 2005, Mr. Kan Zhidong founded Fortune Link.At present, Fortune Link has

more than 20 billion yuan in assets under managemen t and has branches all over China. Mr. Kan

Zhidong led the team to create a number of classic cases in the field of equity investment, including

Sinovel (600973), Shunfeng International Clean Energy (01165), IRTOUCH Shares (300282),

Wolwo Biopharmaceutical (300357) and so on. Mr. Kan Zhidong ever served as executive director

of council of Securities Association of China, chairman of the Shanghai Securities Association,

vice chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and director of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

and chairman of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association and he is

global spiritual leader of Fortune Link.


General Manager of Strategy Department

Doctor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore, Bachelor, Department of Automation, University of Science and Technology of China, Financial risk Control Manager(FRM).  Before joining Huifu Investment, she worked in the high-tech enterprise China Star Optoelectronics Technology as IT center, president office, product management center and other core positions, with rich experience in strategic planning, operation and management, product management and information construction of high-tech enterprises. Since joining Huifu Investment in 2016, she has been being responsible for the investment of intelligent technologies and applications such as high-tech manufacturing, AI, 5G, IOT, big data, etc. Leading and participating in investment projects include: King Young Intelligence, Dilusense, Moonx, Ada Intelligence, Jingxun Software and so on.

Liu Xia

General Manager of Fund Department

Bachelor of Zhongnan University oF economics and Law, double degree of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and she once worked at HSBC, with more than ten years of bank management experience, familiar with financial products, venture capital business, good at resource development and risk management. Responsible for fund raising, product design and investor relationship management during working in Huifu Global.


General Manager of Investment Department

Master of Financial Management,University of Central Lancashire, UK, Bachelor of International Economics and Trade, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and he successively engaged in equity investment in Guangdong Yuecai Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Neo Capital and other financial institutions, with more than ten years of experience in private equity and venture capital.

He successfully led and organized the listing and new OTC market listing business of a number of projects, including: Jingyi shares, GEM, Founder Securities, Zhuhai Ray Sharp, Guangdong Join-share guarantee, Shenzhen TIG New Energy, Shenzhen Huikang Medical, GD Laser and so on.

Wang Tao

Founder / chairman

Founding and managing partner of Huifu global, with 20 years of investment and fund management experience in TMT industry, integrated circuit, high-end manufacturing. He ever acted as a partner of Yihe Venture Capital (a regional fund dedicated to Asia-Pacific semiconductor investment established in 1990),managing partner of ORIZA Chongyuan, managing partner of ORIZA Yuandian, and shareholder of Tongli Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Leading investment projects: Changzhou AAC Technology (02018.HK), Wuxi Suntech Solar Cell (NYSE:STP), Shanghai Haier Integrated Circuit (acquired in 300183), Devecent Technology (NASDAQ:SPRD),HP Lighting (6559.TW), Cambricon (688256), etc. He has been invited to serve as the mentor of entrepreneurial programs many times, and has been selected as the ace talent scout and the most dedicated mentor in 2010. He was a lecturer in the class of president of private equity and international venture investment and financing in Shanghai Jiaotong University. He was awarded the title of "Nanjing Investment Attraction Ambassador" by Nanjing Municipal Government in 2018, and won the honor of 36Kr year "TOP20 Chinese Chip Semiconductor Investor " and China IC list "Outstanding Investor of the year" in 2020.


Founding partner / Investment adviser

He served as the head of fund investment at the University of St Andrews in the UK, and he ever managed two portfolios of global private equity and Asian investments with a total investment of more than US $200 million. Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University and Master of Engineering and Business Administration from St. Andrews University

Master's degree with CFA and CAIA certificates. Engaged in finance and investment related work for more than 15 years, with rich experience in strategic management, fund operation and project investment.

Managing partner
MBA, University of St Andrews. Founder and Managing Partner of JEROSSE brand in Taiwan. She has a wealth of experience and contacts in the medical, beauty and boutique sectors. She has been the sole agent of French boutiques in Asia and head of Huifu Global City of London Centre
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